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Our Facilities


Freedom and Space 

At Noah's Ark at The Lea, we have fantastic indoor and outdoor space which offers children the freedom to run around, and plenty of areas for learning and development of essential skills.


We encourage our children to learn through play and our indoor facilities feature a multitude of toys and games,  a story mat, a library area, an interactive whiteboard for numbers and phonics, arts and crafts stations and a home corner. We love to see them explore their imagination with role play and dressing up.  Adults are at hand to assist with more challenging tasks and to help them develop their language skills. 

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Sensory Development 

The canopy area immediately outside the classroom provides a wide range of sensory experiences for our children. Much of your child's early science learning happens in this area through sand and water play, and they can enjoy the many outdoor stations for role play and development through art and music.  


This covered area leads directly onto the playground and can be opened up on all sides during hot days. On wet days this large area is closed providing an extension of the classroom with enough space for the children to run off their excess energy! 

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Exploring Nature

Children who attend our nursery have full use of the school's fabulous outdoor classroom and wildlife area. The classroom sits in a lovely, leafy sheltered spot at the back of the school field where children can escape for reading and story time on a warm day.


We use the sounds of nature to help improve their listening skills and phonics which in turn has a positive effect on their confidence and self esteem. Children can learn about the lifecycles of the fish and tadpoles in the pond, and develop an interest and respect for the environment. 


Learning Through Play

The nursery children are able to enjoy the newly refurbished and extensive Early Years playground. This area features fantastic climbing equipment including rigging and a slide, a road/racetrack, a mud kitchen, an outdoor percussion zone, an extensive water play area and lots of grassy areas and playground space to run around. 

The canopy and the playground is shared with the Reception children from The Lea Primary. This gives the children an opportunity to see what 'big school' will be like, and to learn to take turns and share their toys and games with older children. 

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